Sporting Club

If you love keeping fit you are spoiled for choice; you can practice an infinite number of sports: from tennis to five-a-side football, from volleyball to bowls to minigolf.
The structure includes:

  • five-a-side football pitch
  • tennis court
  • minigolf course with 18 holes

The soccer fields and tennis courts have been made of synthetic grass and are equipped with an artificial lighting system for playing night matches. Minigolf has 18 holes, which make up a single course and is completely surrounded by greenery. The game consists in moving from one lane to another by totaling the least number of penalties possible. The winner is the one who manages to complete the entire course with the least number of penalties. It is a sport suitable for everyone, young and old. The service is paid and can be used from May 1st 2024 until October 31st 2024.

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